Since the establishment of Romidot in 1994, the uniqueness and main object of the systems developed, have been focused & tailored to the unique requirements of the extrusion profiles industry. These guide lines navigated Romidot when it developed the ViewPack application, the Matching and Results Reports Software Application of the RomiShape and the Vison systems.

The ViewPack application software package enables the users of Romidot Vision and RomiShape systems to view, generate and print all the types of the matching & measurement reports of the Sample-Profile, in several graphical and numerical modes.

The ViewPack application includes 3 viewing modes; “No Measurements” (show the matching between the Sample-Profile image and the Reference / CAD image), “Dual -Measurements” and “Measure” mode.

“No Measurements” mode, shows with colors, the overall matching between the “Reference” (the shape of the profile drawing from CAD application, imported by the DimPack application converted to Measuring Program), and the contour shape of the ” Sample- Profile “, allows the user to choose in one click, several and different types of Reports, Partial Match (for Places of Interest), Manual Alignments feature and Auto Flip.

It is the default mode, and by clicking on the “Report” button an instant Color message of “Sample Is OK” or “Sample Is Not OK” appears

“Dual Measurements” mode, allows manually measuring, the distance deviation between the Reference and the Sample Profile at specific locations.

“Measure” mode, presents the shape of the Sample Profile and allows measuring manually any geometrical entities of the sample.

No Measurements” & “Dual Measurements” features  with their options   are perfect and powerful and useful tool for the Die Corrector that allows him to minimize the cycle time to correct the dies, reduce the Die trials cycle time and increase the efficiency.

The ViewPack Application maybe used by Sales-Representatives, Technical Support & Quality Assurance staff in their contacts with customers of the Extrusion Plant during technical presentations or trouble-shooting issues.

The Shadow and the Vision software applications installed on the RomiShape and Vision systems (corresponding), including the ViewPack application and allow the users that chose “Stand Alone” machine configuration, to use and all the features locally.