Since the establishment of Romidot in 1994, the uniqueness and main object of the systems developed, have been focused & tailored to the unique requirements of the extrusion profiles industry. These guide lines navigated Romidot when it developed Romidot StatPack application, an automatic Statistical Process Control (SPC) for all the measuring data that are collected automatically from the RomiShape and Vision systems, during their operation.

Romidot StatPack application is an add-on software package for the Romidot RomiShape and Romidot Vision systems. Romidot StatPack is an industry-standard methodology for measuring and controlling quality of the geometrical dimensions during the production process. Quality data of Product or Process measurements are obtained in real-time during manufacturing it offers the capability to obtain the widest range of statistical information in chart & graphical form.

The data collects automatically during the measuring operations of the RomiShape and the Vision system, when they generate the measuring results of the sample profiles. The accumulated data converts to MDB (Data Base) format, which it calculates by the StatPack to plot several types of SPC graphs and SPC reports.

The Romidot StatPack reports including the pre-defined dimension data with the Statistical calculation of the results dimensions. The SPC results report includes for each dimension the Min, Max, Average, Range (between the Min and Max), Std. Deviation, Cpl, Cpu, Cp, Cpk, Yield. All of these results are calculate automatically and allow the user of Romidot system, to save the reports in PDF format or Excel spreadsheet format, or to print it.

By implementing SPC information, the amount of production rejects & dies performance, can be reduced dramatically, & dies performance-improved. The savings in human resources, production-time, wasted raw materials will contribute to the operational efficiency.