Since the establishment of Romidot in 1994, the uniqueness and main objects of the systems developed, have been focused & tailored to the unique requirements of the extrusion profiles industry. These guide lines navigated Romidot when it developed the DimPack application, the main Engineering Software Application of the RomiShape and the Vison systems.

The DimPack  application software package is the central & main engineering software package that enables the users of Romidot Vision and RomiShape systems to prepare the measurement Programs (called “References”).These  References  are based on the imported designed profile CAD files(in DXF format),   for automatic inspection , objective and rapid of the geometrical dimensions of the profiles at production floor!

The DimPack application enables to prepare the measuring programs of the profile on desktops computers of the users in the R&D and Q.A departments, connected through the factory’s networks (Networks Configuration Installation for multi-users). In this networked corporate mode the measuring programs will be stored on the server. A “Stand –Alone” installation configuration to prepare & execute the measuring programs on the Romidot Vision or RomiShape machine is possible, measuring programs will be stored in the machine computer or on the server. The Shadow and the Vision software applications installed on the RomiShape and Vision systems (corresponding), include the DimPack application and allow the users of such machine configuration, to prepare the measuring programs (References) locally.

The DimPack application contains functional groups that provide a complete and perfect solution for to all the design requirements of the geometric dimensions measurement of the profiles. These functional groups including the “Tools”, “Builds”, “Datum” & “Auxiliary” which contain the full range of tools and functions required for measurement, and to prepare the measurement programs for an automatic inspection of all the defined dimensions with simplicity, objectivity, and reliability!

All the tools and features of the DimPack have been developed in a way that takes into consideration the unique requirements of the CAD drawings of the Aluminum, P.V.C and Rubber profiles, in order to provide the best results for the measurements, consider the geometric outline of the profile contour, with easy friendly and flexible operation of each product according to the required measurement method.

The algorithms developed for the tools and functions of the DimPack software that includes Virtual Tools that enable the user to conduct automatic measurement, which is enabled only by constructing special measuring devices (Jigs) or stepped/sequential measurement cycles.

Among the unique algorithms there is the ability to measure geometrical features even at extreme unforeseeable deformation pattern, and the ability to follow the machine measurement sequence for corrective measurement methodology.

These unique features and abilities represent the combine and vast experience accumulated over the years from the hundreds of Romidot systems installations in the Aluminum, PVC and Rubber profiles industries, and from their specific demands.

In addition, emphasis was placed on simplifying the engineering work environment of the DimPack desktop application; so that it could be adapted to all levels of Romidot system users in the R&D and Q.A departments.