Romidot Basic & Standard application software

Basic & Standard software application including 3 type of different software:

  • Romidot DimPack
  • Romidot ViewPack
  • Romidot StatPack

All of these software application designed and developed to install on the standard computers as offline or Online on the factory networks and came additional to the main software application that install on the RomiShape systems line – Romidot Shadow application , and on the Vision systems line – Romidot Vision application.

The installation of these basic & standard software need an additional licenses, which allow to install Romidot software applications as networks configuration in the terminal computers of the R&D , Q.A , Die Correction and Sales department.

Romidot DimPack -Engineering software application to prepare the measuring programs (References for automatic measurement process).

Romidot ViewPack – Present the matching between the measured profile shape to its reference (cad drawing), with a complete and clear measurements text and graphical reports in several formats, and allow duel measurements between the “golden” shape of the reference to the shape of the profile sample at specific places (needed by the Die corrector).

Romidot StatPack – complete SPC software applications that bring automatic all the requirements statistical reports and graph from the collected data of the measured profiles.

Basic & Standard application, offers as S\L-single license, or as M\L- multi licenses (economic package) which include 5 single licenses.

The Vision system offer with the S\L basic application as a standard.

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