Romidot Key & Hole or Male & Female application,  which has been developed by Romidot, is an add-on multi fit profiles software application integrates to the main shell software application of the Vision application (Romidot Vision machine) and the Shadow application (of the Romidot RomiShape machine).

This special module, unique in the metrology application market allows Romidot measuring systems users, to check instantly, if there is any problem with the functional connections between two individual profiles, and bring several reports, which present the full deviation distance with the mismatch locations that deviate between the two parts. These special reports are with full numeric deviations values, and colorful graphic lines which represent the deviations between the parts. The checked profiles can be with closed or open contour.

Romidot Key & Hole it is useful application module to help the profile manufacturer to supply to his clients, profiles with functional matching requirements, with a full self confidence that that it supplied adequate qualify and shape integrity matching to his clients satisfaction.