Romidot Assembled Profile Structure Application which was developed by Romidot, is add-on multi-fit profiles software application integrated to the main shell software application of the Vision application (Romidot Vision machine) and the Shadow application (of the Romidot RomiShape machine).

Romidot Assembled Profile Structure application is an application that enables users of Romidot systems, to check the fitness & integration of the connection between predesigned profiles, manufactured for a built-in structure and are required to connect to each other in order to assemble the profiles structure. More, the application will  monitor the connection places, and checks whether there are no problems at the places of connection.

During the testing process, the user navigates to place the acquired images of the sample profiles onto  the imported Reference ( build upon the CAD drawing of the built-in structure). Each individual profile trace will be placed on the shape contour of the individual profile drawing that in the profiles structure drawing, and the algorithm of the Romidot Assembled Profile Structure, will perform the necessary adjustments to find the deviations and gaps, in the places where each profile is connected to the next.

The application also allows the user to check for a profiles structure that lacks a number of individual profiles, to perform the connection area check of the existing checked profile, with the connection to the next profile contour, created by the imported CAD drawing.