Romidot Combined Parts is add-on software application integrates to the main shell software application of the Vision application (Romidot Vision machine) and the Shadow application (of the Romidot RomiShape machine).

Romidot Combined Parts is a software application module that enables the Aluminum Profiles manufacturers which installed very big press and are the users of Romidot measuring systems, to check and control the geometrical dimensions of Aluminum profiles samples, that size is larger than the maximum area’s size of the image acquisition system.

The principle of Romidot Combine Parts application is based on dividing the whole sample profile into profile segments, that each segment overlaps with The next segment to which he has to connect, acquires the individual image of the sample profile segment which is size is smaller than the whole image acquisition area size of the machine (F.OV), and combines these segments to a whole profile sample that represent the required measure profile.

The combined process of the individual segments to a whole sample profile made by Romidot Combined parts, begin by choose the acquired segments images, each segment put on next to which he need to connect, manually align by the application assist tools, and then, a very accurate alignments process of the algorithm of Romidot Combined parts application, stitching the segments by means of the overlapping zones.

This reconstructed profile shape will be compared automatically to the prepared CAD Measuring Program / Reference, and measured, Romidot Report will be generated.