Romidot Best-Fit application is add-on software application integrated to the Romidot DimPack (the engineering application which is used to prepare the Measuring Programs) and to the main shell software application of the Romidot Vision and Romidot RomiShape.

Romidot Best-Fit is an important add-on and must to have software module for the Aluminum profiles manufacturers which produces Industrial profiles or profiles for the Automotive industry.

Romidot Best-Fit application allows to inspect the GD&T (Geometrical Dimensioning & Tolerancing) Profile contour requirements according to “Profile of a Line”, an inspection convention defined by the GD&T standards. The inspection of profile cross-section in this method is sometime the only way to do, when dealing with complex shapes where datum for measurement is difficult or even impossible to define.

Romidot Best-Fit application makes an optimal Match between the CAD reference and the acquired  image of the Sample Profile. The optimal match attempts to fit the line contour of the sample within a band of given width (the range of the contour tolerance), which is on both sides of the nominal contour in the CAD reference. If the sample’s contour exceeds the band, the algorithm of the Best-Fit will match it to minimize the deviation amounts of the overall shape.

Romidot Best-Fit application, covers 100% the GD&T Profile standard requirement (the American National Standard Institute’s Y14.5 Standard – ANSI Y14.5), by measuring the GD&T Profile contour without datum condition, means it finds the minimal deviation between the Sample Profile to the CAD reference contours by moving and rotate freely the Sample Profile. With datum conditions, means GD&T Profile contour needed with a condition of Primary or Primary & Secondary datum.

Romidot Best-Fit application includes in addition, different types of datum, some are Virtual datum such as;- Center of Circle (declare as Primary datum), Symmetry Line, Points datum (2 specific points declare as Primary  and the 3rd point as Secondary) , Steps Datum and so on, which were requested by Romidot customers according to their specific requirements as asked by the Aluminum profile industry.

The Tolerance band developed as declared and needed by the ANSI Standard (Dimeter or Radius), and additional developed to allow the customer define it individually (non-symmetrical ranges on the both sides of the contour of the CAD drawing as reference.

Best-Fit application reports present the deviations in color- ranges, by color lines, with option of full 100% numerical deviation around the profile contour, at locations that the GD&T Profile is defined, and present the Max and Min deviation location on these predefined places.

Romidot Best-Fit application provides full value for the cost for the users that produce Aluminum profiles for the Automotive and Industrial profile.