Advance application software

Advance software application including attritional advance software that installed as an add-on software to the main shell software (Shadow or Vision) and to the package of the Basic & Standard software application.

These add-on software, bring Romidot RomiShape and Romidot Vision systems to Performance and capability that do not exist in any of the existing measuring systems which offer to the Aluminum and PVC profile industry.

The Advanced software applications include unique software applications that integrate with the basic software package, allowing installing single module application or installation of different modules.

These software are including the following modules:

  • Romidot Best-Fit
  • Key & Hole (Male & Female)
  • Romidot Combined Parts
  • Romidot Co-Extrusion
  • Assembled Profiles Structure

The Advanced software application modules are integrally operated with the hardware of Romidot measurement systems that designed and constructed specifically for the aluminum profile industry production floor environments, positions Romidot systems as the best existing systems for the Aluminum & PVC profiles manufacturing industry, and give the best value to cost benefit for measuring system.

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Key&Hole Match
Constructed Assembly
Combined Parts