Since the establishment of Romidot in 1994, the uniqueness and main object of the systems developed, have been focused & tailored to the unique requirements of the extrusion profiles industry. These guide lines combined with the development of the software applications with unique algorithms, has positioned Romidot as number one company worldwide, providing the variety of solutions required by the Industry of the Aluminum & PVC extrusion profiles.

The development of the software applications aims to provide to the customers and users of Romidot measurement systems, a perfect and optimal solution for their specific needs and inline the requirements of the Aluminum & PVC profiles industry. The profile manufacturing industry dictates rapid, efficient and objective inspection of the profiles at the production floor, allowing full control and feedback of the measurement of the geometrical dimensions of the profiles, during the production.

Romidot software applications are built into two groups:

  1. The Basic software package provided with the Romidot measurement systems as a standard package,
  2. Advanced software applications contain add-ons of unique and special software applications.

The Basic software package installed on the Romidot measurement system contains the shell software (Shadow or Vision) provides a perfect solution for operating the measurement system, which include the features to :- Preparing measurement programs (References) for automatic measurement process, Scanning and Image Acquisition to capture the image of the measured profile, Presenting the match of the measured profile to its reference (cad drawing), Receipt of complete and clear Measurements Reports in text and graphical formats which includes the output drawing of the measured profile. Additional Romidot StatPack, full SPC software application that supplies an automatic output of statistical reports and graphs.

Additional licenses allow to install Romidot software applications as networks configuration in the terminal computers of the R&D , Q.A , Die Correction and Sales department and including the basic & Standard software application:-

Romidot DimPack -Engineering software application to prepare the measuring programs (References).

Romidot ViewPack – Present the matching between the measured profile shape to its reference (cad drawing), with a complete and clear measurements text and graphical reports in several formats.

Romidot StatPack – complete SPC software applications that bring automatic all the requirements statistical reports and graph from the collected data of the measured profiles.

The Advanced software applications include unique software applications that integrate with the basic software package, allowing installing single module application or different modules   installation. These advance modules applications including: Romidot Best-Fit , Key & Hole (Male & Female) module, Romidot Combined Parts, Romidot Co-Extrusion,  and Assembled Profiles Structure module.

The Advanced software application modules are integrally operated with the hardware of Romidot measurement systems that designed and constructed specifically for the aluminum profile industry production floor environments, positions Romidot systems as the best existing systems for the Aluminum & PVC profiles manufacturing industry, and give the best value to cost benefit for measuring system.

Basic & Standard