The conventional measuring tools such as caliper, micrometer& projector, that are being used to measures the geometrical dimensions in metals, Plastics and other solids materials in the industries, can be used to a limited degree to measure Elastic materials such as rubber that tend to deform, therefore the only system that can perform this duty has to utilize image processing that allows to measure the geometrical dimensions without being influenced from the severe-distortion of the materials.

Romidot Ltd. re-defined the meaning of Automatic Profile Inspection and Measurement, when it introduced the concept of RomiShape in 1994, is the worldwide leading company that all its systems working under concept of Image Processing, which allows to convert the contour of the Rubber parts to raster lines that represents the exact shape of the sample contours, and measure its dimensions automatically, fast and accurate!

The inspection process of Romidot measuring systems is fast, objective and accurate and all the results accumulate to the main Data Base the automatic SPC application Romidot StatPack.

The usage of our highly advanced systems allows for more efficiency during the production and leads to high cost savings and short return on investment.

As world Leader Company, Romidot emphasizes its effort to continue supply of innovative solutions for the Rubber industry. Romidot continues to improve its technology and the designed systems and developed its Vision systems, which combine the established software applications of RomiShape with state of-the-art optical technology. The system coupled with special and unique requirements of the Rubber industry. All this to supply the Rubber industry the best solution , a new systems with considerable improvements in, accuracy, speed and full compatibility with industrial environment Rubber industry.

The concept that developed by Romidot for the profile industry, intends to connect the RomiShape and the Vision systems to the corporate network of the plant, and allow all the relevant users, to link and share the date in a real-time from the production floor. This provides an instant monitoring of the production quality situation with the Software applications.

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