Romidot with years of development and experience with hundreds of successful installations in Profiles Extrusion plants, have spurred the development of the Romidot RomiShape\DT-PVC system and redefined the meaning of Profile Inspection & Measurement when invented the concept of the RomiShape in 1994.

Romidot RomiShape\DT-PVC is desktop machine, a Scanner based concept for Profile Inspection and designed to be installed in the laboratory or rooms locates at the production floor.

Romidot RomiShape\DT-PVC utilizes a high resolution scanner technology that scans the cross section of the sample profile, directly with a Reflection mode (for bright and light colors) or with Backlight mode (for black or dark colors) or with a composite of the 2 modes (reflection and backlight) for profiles that includes several colors or different materials. The scanning area size of the machine is 290x200mm. The scanner technology requires a clean sample surface, with sharp edges no burrs and perpendicular cutting (for Backlight mode),  as achieved by the Romidot Special Sample Saw machines Romidot SM420U and Romidot SM600.

RomiShape\DT-PVC system (same as other Romidot scanner based systems), is unique from the other competitive scanner systems concept. Romidot RomiShape systems are the only systems that working with a reflected and direct illumination concept, that brings accurate & true image-data of the profile cross section shape to the scanners camera.  Romidot competitive systems, with scanner concept, working only with Back Light illumination, have a major shortfall. The shadow casted on the scanner surface, due to sample’s height inclination (non-perpendicularity to the surface), is equal to the entire systems accuracy or more and results in overall false results especially in small entities, this is the reason that the RomiShape\DT-PVC supplied together with the Romidot SM420U or SM600 sample preparation Saw machine, to minimize this effect in the Backlight mode.

The accuracy and the repeatability of the RomiShape\DT-PVC is ≤25µm and the measuring cycle time for the largest sample profile for all the entire scanning area size is ≤45sec while for typical sample size, measuring cycle time is ≤18sec.

Romidot RomiShape\DT-PVC system installed integrally with the Romidot Shadow application – including Romidot DimPack an engineering application for prepare the measuring programs for automatic inspection, Romidot ViewPack for remote viewing & measurement, and Romidot StatPack application – an automatic SPC application that allows in “one click” to get full SPC reports and Graphs.

Romidot RomiShape\DT-PVC system can work as a stand-alone machine or in configuration of plant corporate network.

Technical specifications:

Features & Benefits

  • Simplified sample preparation – eliminates sensitivity to sample condition and operator variance.

  • High accuracy and repeatability – ensures compatibility with tight tolerances and complex dimensions.

  • Extremely fast cycle time – fast reaction to situations and no time loss.

  • No sample setup, referencing or focusing, simply place the sample in the cradle against the glass – easy to operate and free of operator error and variance.

  • Automatic measurement with PASS / FAIL decision support and detailed measurement reports – provides fast response on the production floor to help react quickly and eliminate scrap and losses.

  • Automatic archiving of profiles’ images and dimensions reports – traceability and compatibility with quality managements standards and procedures.

  • Network operation – real time distribution of quality related information throughout the plant.

  • Rugged design and few moving parts – reliable operation in production conditions.


Characteristics / Max Profile size For standard & Color PVC profiles up to 297x205mm in laboratory & production floor
System Model RomiShape\DT-PVC
Accuracy & Repeatability (*) ±25μm
Measuring Time Typical 10sec. ≤16 sec for (297x205mm)
Optics Scanner
Illumination Type Direct (Reflected) LED and Back Light LED
Image acquisition Direct Or Back Light or Co-Extrusion cross section Image acquisition
System location Laboratory or Production floor
System Stabilization Elements Bumper and Shock- observers
Profile Sample Length (mm) ≤80 (≤3.2”)
System Dimensions (L x W x H) mm. 730mmx520mmx505mm (28”x20.5”x20”)
System Weight 65 Kg.(143 lb)
Electricity 220V~240VAC (10A) 110V (16A)
Operating System Win10Pro 64bits
Basic mode Software applications Romidot Shadow Romidot StatPack