Romidot Saw machines

Romidot Sample Saw machines are specially developed for high quality surface- cutting, burr free, and without distortion, for fast and accurate cutting of samples from extruded either soft (not aged) or hard (aged) profiles.
The Special – Saw includes all the necessary features to insure fast reliable and repeatable sample preparation for Romidot RomiShape and Romidot Vision automatic measuring systems.

There are two Saw machines models:
1. SM420U (installed with 420mm blade diameter).
2. SM600 (installed with 600mm blade diameter).

Characteristics / Max Profile size For Standard extruded profiles up to 250 x 120 mm cross section (Laboratory Machine) For Precision extruded profiles up to 350 x 208 mm cross section
Saw Machine Model Romidot SM420U Romidot SM600
Electrical Connections 3 phases 200/380/480 volts , 50/60Hz. 3 phases 200/380/480 volts , 50/60Hz.
Compress air requirements 6.5 – 8 bar (90-117 p.s.i) 7 – 8 bar (100-117 p.s.i)
Blade External Dia. 420mm (16.5”), Bore Dia. 32mm External Dia. 600 mm (23.6”), Bore Dia. 50mm
Clamping 2 vertical pneumatic clamps; adjustable pressure 2 vertical & 2 horizontal pneumatic clamps, adjustable pressure
System dimensions (W x D x H) 850mm x 750mm x 1280mm (33.5”x29.5”x50.5”) 1000mm x 1000mm x 1400mm (39.5”x39.5”x50.5”)
Weight 180 Kg.(396 lb) 320 Kg.(704 lb)