Romidot RomiShape Line

The RomiShape/AL is a bi-dimensional measurement system, built for aggressive environment. RomiShape/AL offers high-performance measurement surpassing any type of profile projector. RomiShape/AL is ideal for production or laboratory applications in Aluminum and other Metal Extrusion Plants, with the famous RomiShape simplicity and user-friendliness. RomiShape/AL uses a Line CCD sensor to scan in reflective/direct mode the inspected object, and create a complete 2D computer image of the object’s face. The created image is a true 1:1 ratio and very accurate. RomiShape/AL allows on-screen comparison of the object’s image to its original CAD design or a “Golden Part” reference. The system provides a Pass/Fail decision and detailed reports based on CAD data previously defined.
Samples are placed on the scanning surface without any need for focusing, positioning or special orientation. Multiple samples of the same profile can be scanned simultaneously.
Sample preparation is fast and easy using Romidot’s proprietary Sample Saws.

The RomiShape line of products, is composed of two sizes of scanning area models RomiShape\AL-DT & RomiShape\AL-A4  both 340×200 mm in size, and RomiShape\AL-A3  430×280 mm size ,the scanner technology requires a clean sample surface ,with sharp edges no burrs, as achieved by the Romidot Special Sample Saw  SM420U or SM600.

The solution supplied by Romidot with its RomiShape\AL systems is unique from all the other scanner systems concept. Romidot RomiShape systems are the only systems that working with a reflected and direct illumination concept, that bring accurate data of the profile cross section shape to the scanners camera.  Competitors systems, that work with scanner concept Back Light illumination have a major shortfall. The shadow casted on the scanner surface, due to sample’s height inclination (non perpendicularity to the surface), is equal to the entire systems accuracy or more, and results in overall false results especially in small entities.

Romidot RomiShape systems came integrally with the best engineering application for automatic inspections and automatic SPC application that allows in “one click” to get full SPC report and Graphs.

Romidot supply the RomiShape systems with a calibration kit, that allows the user to calibrate the system by himself, as needed according the ISO standard.

The concept that developed by Romidot for the profile industry, intends to connect the RomiShape and the Vision systems to the corporate network of the plant, and allow all the relevant users, to link and share the date in a real-time from the production floor. This provides an instant monitoring of the production quality situation with the Software applications.

Characteristics / Max Profile size For Standard extruded profiles up to 350x208 mm cross section (Laboratory Machine) For Precision extruded profiles up to 350x208 mm cross section For Precision extruded profiles up to 420x280 mm cross section
System Model Romidot RomiShape\DT-AL Romidot RomiShape\AL-A4 Romidot RomiShape\AL-A3
Accuracy ±25μm ±25μm ±25μm
Measuring Time Max 38 sec Typical 15 sec Max 38 sec Typical 15 sec Max 16 sec Typical 8 sec
Optics Scanner Scanner Scanner
Illumination Type Direct Cold Direct Cold Direct Cold
Image acquisition direct cross section Image acquisition direct cross section Image acquisition direct cross section Image acquisition
System location Laboratory Production Floor Production Floor
System Stabilization Elements Bumper and Shock- observers Bumper and Shock- observers Bumper and Shock- observers
Profile Sample Length (mm) Up to 80mm Up to 130mm Up to 130mm
System Dimensions (L x W x H) mm. 620x480x490 1200x780x1300 1374x800x1310
System Weight 40 Kg. 200 Kg. 220Kg.