Romidot SM600 Sample Saw is specially developed for high quality surface- cutting, burr free, for fast and accurate cutting of samples from extruded soft (not aged) profiles.

The Special -Saw includes all the necessary features to insure fast reliable and repeatable sample preparation for Romidot RomiShape automatic measuring systems.

The SM600 is equipped with 600mm dia. Blade. The blade is especially suitable for cutting Aluminum profiles in soft condition before aging /heat – treatment, as well hard condition, solid profiles and thin- wall thickness profiles.

Blade lubrication, automatic blade feeding and adjustable pneumatic Vertical and Horizontal clamping system are included as standard.

The SM600 build to conform with modern safety standards and regulations and is CE approved and UL listed.

The whole system of the SM600 designed especially to fit the requirements of Romidot Measuring systems and bring the best cutting results for the samples profiles without profile deformations, burr-free, smooth and clean sample surface, with sharp edges.

Technical specifications:

Features Specification
Electrical Connections 3 phases 200/380/480 volts , 50/60Hz.
Electric motor 4KW (5.5Hp) ; 2800 r.p.m , 8.3A , 50Hz
Compress air requirements 6 – 8 bar (90-117 p.s.i)
Blade External Dia. 600 mm (23.6”), Bore Dia. 50mm
Clamping 2 vertical & 2 horizontal pneumatic clamps, adjustable pressure
Lubrication Automatic, emulsion type (PVR518 or Castrol Aluzol B)
Maximum profile size See cutting range diagram.
System dimensions (W x D x H) 1000mm x 1000mm x 1400mm (39.5”x39.5”x50.5”)
Weight 320 Kg.(704 lb)

Cutting Range Diagram

Romidot SM600