Romidot Vision-H120 Co-Extrusion is Desktop machine, similar to the Vision-H120 with ability to check profiles that include multi-color or assembled from different materials..

Romidot Vision-H120 Co-Extrusion utilizes a high resolution camera technology, with a state-of-the-art Tele-centric optical lens concept that developed and designed especially for miniature and very thin Aluminum profiles as MMV-Heat Exchangers, Sun- Roof rails, Door protection beams. These products aiming for the Automotive and Electronic industries, with specials inspection requirements so their traditional metrology inspection process is limited and take long time and high costs .The Vision H120 Co-Extrusion offers detailed, accurate & repeatable, and quick measurement cycle.

The years of development and experience with hundreds of successful installations in Profiles Extrusion plants have spurred the development of the new Romidot Vision-H120 Co-Extrusion. The camera and Tele-centric lens are horizontally mounted in-line with the inspected profile.

The Medium size – diameter lens of 116mm with unique LED illumination systems, for direct (reflected) image acquisition , and additional Back Light system for Co-Extrusion profiles, allow a single (or double for multi colors) snap-shot, to acquire the whole cross-section of small and very thin profiles. Image processing and measurement the dimensions included its special requirements is extremely fast in cycle of ≤4 seconds.

The Vision-H120 Co=Extrusion supplied with Special Sample Saw machine SM420U, designed to cut these very slims and thin profiles. Resulting in a reduction to short inspection time, from hours to few seconds!

The design and construction of the Vision system is extremely robust in a way that ensures the axis of the optics system will be always accurate and aligned with the inspected samples, to level of accuracy and repeatability as need for these types of profiles.

Technical specifications:

Features & Benefits

  • Simplified sample preparation – eliminates sensitivity to sample condition and operator variance.

  • High accuracy and repeatability – ensures compatibility with tight tolerances and complex dimensions.

  • Extremely fast cycle time – fast reaction to situations and no time loss.

  • No sample setup, referencing or focusing, simply place the sample in the cradle against the glass – easy to operate and free of operator error and variance.

  • Automatic measurement with PASS / FAIL decision support and detailed measurement reports – provides fast response on the production floor to help react quickly and eliminate scrap and losses.
  • Automatic archiving of profiles’ images and dimensions reports – traceability and compatibility with quality managements standards and procedures.

  • Network operation – real time distribution of quality related information throughout the plant.

  • Rugged design and few moving parts – reliable operation in production conditions.

  • Data collected to an automatic SPC application


Features specification
Accuracy & Repeatability (*) ±8µm (±0.00032)
Measuring Time 4 sec
Optics 116mm Telecentric lens with high resolution camera
Illumination type 3 sets of Red LED rings
Image acquisition High resolution camera with Direct & Reflection cross section Image acquisition
System Location Production floor environment
System stabilization elements special shock observers
Sample length 70 – 100mm (2.75” – 4”)
System dimensions (L x W x H) 900x500x600mm (35”x19.7”23.5”)
Weight 68 Kg.(150 lb)
Electricity 220V~240VAC (10A) 110V (16A)
Operating System Win10Pro 64bits
Basic mode Software applications Romidot Vision Romidot StatPack

(*) In accordance with ISO 10360-2, and for basic features such as opposite linear edges, diameter & centers and wall thickness, etc.