Romidot Ltd. succeeded in the dual task of technology development  and marketing a  new concept of the “Integrated inspection and Data System” in a variety of industries, and become the leading company that supplies a complete solution to control in real-time the geometrical dimensions of the Aluminum & PVC extruded profiles.

Romidot Ltd. was established in 1994, as a Start-Up company, dedicated to the development of new Computer Aided Technologies for inspection and measurement in industrial applications.

The RomiShape & Vision systems offer Geometry Automatic Measurement of profiles of Light Metal, Plastic and Rubber.

Romidot activity in other industries brings a new level of inspection performance during production, coupled with real time distribution of inspected data and images over computer networks.

Until the end of 2017, Romidot installed more than 600 systems in the Aluminum, Copper ,other Light Metal, Plastics and Rubber extrusion profile Industries which bring to customers the benefits and the ability to control the geometrical dimensions  of the profile production ,in objective and maximum efficient  way that improved the quality and the profitability of the extrusion plants.

Romidot commitment to its customers is to develop and deliver optimal solutions for every demand, while ensuring that every solution and service provided by Romidot will be in close cooperation and at the highest professional level that each of its customers expects.

Romidot Ltd. is located in the center of Israel, right across from the Tel-Aviv airport and employs a staff of software developers, engineers, technical support specialists, sales engineers and management. One third of the company’s employees are in Research and Development. The company continuously develops the existing products as well as new technologies in order to provide better solutions and more value to its markets.

The number of the systems that installed by Romidot worldwide is the best proof of our customers satisfaction from the products and services that were provided by Romidot, and our commitment is to maintain and increase this satisfaction.

Our Customers