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We highly recommend to anyone a Romidot system. We have found it invaluable to use in our quality control. In fact, now many of our customers use the findings and verify their measurements. We have purchased a second one since we are so dependent on the accuracy of the measurements.
I would welcome anyone to contact me if you have any further questions.
Sincerely, Mark Houghton, Vice President

Mark Houghton , Central Plastics

I cannot imagine today how could we work and made our job to keep the quality of our Aluminum profiles, without 3 excellent Romidot vision measuring systems that we purchased in year 2009 (first) Vision 4033, in year 2013 Vision-H300 and last year 2018 Vision-H500.

These excellent machines working around the clock 24 hours, 3 shifts and allow us to achieved our goal to control the Geometrical dimensions of our Aluminum profiles, fast, in accurate and efficient way, with the fantastic software applications that includes the Best-Fit and the Romidot SPC, which covers automatically all the technical requirements of our customers from the Car, Electronic and industrial profiles industries.

Every request is answered immediately in the most professional manner. The excellent service enable our quality assurance people to operate the Romidot Vision systems continuously during the 3 shifts.

I am fully recommend for those who produce Aluminum Profile, use Romidot Vision machines.

Yan Fang, Guangdong Hoshion Industrial Aliminum Co., Ltd

Kam Kiu Aluminum purchased from Romidot Ltd. the first 3 RomiShape machines on year 2006. From this year all the Aluminum profiles checked and controlled their geometrical dimensions with these systems.

On August 2013 we purchased 2 Vision system (Vision-H500 and Vision-H300). These 2 machines installed on the production floor near the press and the die correction department, and on August 2017 we purchased the 3rd Vision machine (Vision-H300).

The Vision machines working around the clock 3 shifts smoothly, and use all the levels of the production in Kam Kiu Aluminum. The Q.A., Die Corrector and engineering departments familiar with these systems that designed to all the level of the workers that need to operate it.

We got and continue to get an excellent reply from Romidot for any special request, the service is instant that get from high level of professionality from Romidot people, and the excellent reports that the system supply are bring us very good replies from our customers.

Kam Kiu produce high level industrial profiles that have tighten tolerance and special requirements as GD&T Profile which get from the from Romidot Best-Fit application that it is the only one as we checked that cover all the requirements that asked by the automotive , Industrial and Electronic industries.

The long relationship that we have with Romidot and Romidot people, give me and my people the full confidence that there is a very good company that stand to help us in any need that we need in the subject of controlling the geometrical dimensions of our production lines.

Thanks to Romidot that bring us their fantastic technology and made our job easy and efficient.

Calvin Liu, Taishan Kam Kiu Aluminum

It is not easy to accurately measure the size of a soft rubber material, and as a result, we often have problems with our customers. Thanks to Romidot, a series of smart and efficient measuring devices has been developed, which can easily solve our problems

In 2006, our company bought Romishape DT to measure our products, because it solves problems that other optical measuring systems can no solve, so just next year we upgrade to buy more accurate and higher efficiency system: Vision 4033, and then size measuring no longer have any problems, we even can help customers solve their problems and so on customer most faithful to our quality control.

Mr. Jeff Liu (Liu Guo Bin) , Owner and C.E.O of Neutron Rubber Co. LTD.